Using VA Insurance at Lincoln Urgent Care


Lincoln Urgent Care accepts VA insurance and is honored to serve veterans in our facility. As part of the U.S Department of Veterans Affairs Mission Act, veterans who are enrolled in the VA health care system are able to visit a civilian urgent care provider for free – with no appointment required.

While the program is relatively new, its benefits are unfortunately still widely unknown to a large population of veterans and their families. To better serve our veteran patients and their loved ones, this article goes into greater detail about using VA Insurance at Lincoln Urgent Care. 


Qualifications for Using VA Insurance at Urgent Care

As a veteran, when you apply for VA health care, you are assigned to one of eight priority groups. There are several different factors that the VA uses to determine which priority group you should be assigned to. Some of these factors include your disability rank, military service history, and income level. For more information on priority groups click here. You will need to be enrolled in the VA healthcare system to get treated at a civilian urgent care. 

Veterans who are in Priority Groups 1-5, and some veterans in Priority Group 6, can visit an approved civilian urgent care center free of charge up to three times a year. After these three annual visits, each visit thereafter requires a $30 copayment. Veterans in Priority Groups 7 and 8 will need to pay a $30 copayment each time they visit. No payment will be taken at the time of your visit, but instead, the copayments will be billed to you through the VA.


Urgent Care Treatment with Veteran’s Insurance

As an approved urgent care provider that is part of the VA’s contracted network in Lincoln, CA, we welcome all veterans with VA insurance who are looking to get urgent care at Lincoln Urgent Care. Before you make an appointment, we recommend verifying that the medical treatment you are seeking is covered under the new VA insurance program. This is to avoid getting billed for the full amount if the treatment you receive is not covered under the new program. 


To determine your eligibility for treatment, you can call the Department of Veterans Affairs at 1-866-606-8198 or contact your personal VA medical office. 


Getting Prescriptions with VA Insurance

If we prescribe you medication during your visit, you are eligible to receive a 14-day supply of medication that is related to your condition, free of charge, without having to fill it at a VA hospital. We recommend getting the prescription filled from us directly or through the VA pharmacy network to avoid paying full price at the drugstore. If you do end up getting the 14-day prescription at the drugstore, you will get reimbursed once you file a claim with the VA. If you need to take any prescriptions for longer than 14 days, you will need to get them through a VA facility.

The VA can share medical records with us, as necessary, to ensure you are getting the proper care and the medicine that you need. 

Get the Urgent Care You Need with VA Insurance in Lincoln, CA

We are proud to have the capacity to expand our network and serve our veteran patients at Lincoln Urgent Care. If you have any urgent care needs in Lincoln, California, we are here to serve you and give you the best possible treatment at affordable rates. We are here when you need us and we are proud to serve the Lincoln Community! 


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