What Happens During an EKG?


If you have ever been prescribed an EKG test for any reason, it’s perfectly normal to feel a bit apprehensive of getting the test done. You may be asking yourself questions such as “What is an EKG? What happens during an EKG? Will it hurt? How do I prepare for an EKG? What exactly will it tell me?” All of those are great questions and the very reason we wrote this blog. We hope to give you some peace of mind before your next EKG test! 

What is an EKG?

An EKG or ECG is an acronym for a test called an electrocardiogram. It is a way to test and record the electrical signals of your heart. This is important because the electrical signals of your heart are what control your heart rate, rhythm, and blood flow. An EKG test can be a way for your doctor to test for heart disease or it can be a routine, but integral, part of your normal physical examination. Your heart’s health plays a major role in your overall health and it’s important to keep your heart healthy! 

What Takes Place During an EKG Test?

During an EKG test, your EKG technician will place ten small adhesive patches with electrodes on them on your skin around your chest, legs, and arms. These electrodes will read the electrical signals of your heart, a  process that is painless and safe. Once the adhesives have been attached, you will lay flat on your back while the computer records the electrical signals (electrical impulses) going through your heart. The reading from this EKG test is called a resting EKG and usually takes around 15 minutes from start to finish. 

How Do You Prepare for an EKG?

There is nothing to worry or be afraid about when it comes to an EKG. Before your test, your doctor or technician will run through instructions for you to follow. It is important to follow these instructions for the best results. The best way to prepare for an EKG is to wear loose clothing that will allow for the adhesives to be attached directly to the skin and avoid oily skin lotions or creams the day of your test. The oil from the lotions and creams can interfere with the electrodes that are making contact with your skin. 

Getting an EKG Test at Lincoln Urgent Care

At Lincoln Urgent Care, the EKG process is quick and painless. To book your EKG test, please give us a call at 916-258-2751 and a team member will be able to assist you in getting your appointment scheduled. We make it a point to make EKG testing at Lincoln Urgent Care affordable and accessible to all. We look forward to serving you at our urgent care center! 


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